by Deambarino Birman cats
For a long time I have been researching and looking for a TCH and terpene-free CBD oil for cats.
There are hundrets of offers everywhere, but what should you consider is the best for your cat?

CBD Oil WHITOUT THC and WHITHOUT terpenes, why?

Cats cannot metabolize terpenes.
CBD oil is considered to have few side effects with regard to cats, provided that a CBD isolate is used. A full spectrum CBD oil is NOT recommended for cats due to the terpenes it contains and can have serious side effects.

The big problem with CBD products that are not made specifically for cats are the terpenes. The cat's metabolism can only process and excrete them very slowly. This can lead to poisoning if there is too intensive contact with the aromatic substances.

This danger exists with artificial flavors and also with terpenes, which are naturally obtained from plants.

Terpene poisoning can be fatal in cats.

Terpene poisoning should by no means be taken lightly. It manifests itself in musculoskeletal system disorders and drooling, the cat appears restless and disoriented. Other symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, and rapid weight loss.

If poisoning is suspected, the veterinarian should be consulted urgently!

Essential oils are the greatest source of danger for terpene poisoning.

Not all essential oils or flavorings should be equally dangerous. Some are just supposed to be uncomfortable for the cat, others are supposed to have life-threatening effects. In general, contact between cats and essential oils should be avoided. The aromas are strongly concentrated in the oils. Poisoning through contact with the natural herbs is therefore rather unlikely.