Vaccinations for cats and the dangers to cat health

by Deambarino Birman cats
Vaccinations for Cats and the Dangers to Cat Health
My Birman kittens are not given any chemical (standard) cat vaccinations at all. In the past 12 years I have not vaccinated my kittens, instead I enhance their immune system naturally. Being in touch with a breeder from Austria who is using succesfully Homeopathic Nosodes, this will be my approach for my future kittens.

Since I have cats in my family, I have experienced 2 fibrosarcomas in my cats, one just developed on the head and one appeared after a Rabies vaccination between the shoulder blades. I have treated both cats with the Heel protocol for fibrosarcoma and both cats were living another 8 years after the treatment.
We had also a lot of bad experience in the past after vaccinating our kittens. This goes from allergic reactions to losing kittens at the age of 4 month after vaccinations. Because of this experiences we have stopped vaccinating our cats.

Our Raffi came to us in Juli 2020. Days after he arrived he started to sneeze and snot. It took us 3 month with colloidal silver and CDS to get rid of it, though he was unfortunately fully vaccinated. In November 2021 he developed Neuro FIP. Dr. Pedersen who did a clinical study for FIP in 2019 says clearly: vaccinations are compromising the immunesystem and can contribute to develop this illness. Raffi was supposed to be our new king in our cattery. We could save his life but due to the FIP illness and genetical component for FIP he will be a very loved pet in our family.

Of course, now I am even more than before very passionately against chemical vaccination, I firmly believe the risks far outweigh any dubious benefits.

The effect of vaccines on a baby kitten's immune system can be devastating - in a young animal their immune system has barely begun to function, and even at 4 months of age, it is only really just getting started. Vaccination deals a huge insult to this developing immune system, bombarding it with (apart from multiple diseases at once) a toxic cocktail of chemicals injected directly into the body.

If you decide to vaccinate chemically, from what I have learned, it is actually best to wait until the kitten is a minimum of six months old. But, I fervently hope you will educate yourself further before making such a decision, as your kitty's long term health is at risk.

There are natural vaccines for cats available that do not have the serious side effects. Many breeders and new kitten owners report adverse reactions and death from feline vaccinations which show up in the day or two after the vaccine is administered.

However, there are not so many who have the insight to relate later health problems to vaccinating, and these are many and varied; and include a wide range of autoimmune disease in cats, fears and behavioural problems, asthma, allergies, cancers etc. Now, this is the area that should cause us the most concern. Vaccine damage is real and widely documented.

I believe that vaccines do not work, and not only do they not work, they cause chronic illness, in our pets and in people. We are led to believe that vaccines eradicated various human diseases? This in fact, is an absolute lie, the information has been skewed to only give us a small picture of the whole data. On this website → Please click here ← I found an abundance on information about Adverse effects from Animal Vaccination.

A cat with a naturally healthy immune system, that is raised and fed on a varied and wholesome diet, and supported by correctly administered supplements and Homeopathy when needed, will be able to handle most diseases it is likely to encounter and thereby strengthen it's immune system and gain natural immunity for life.