Natural Remedies for Cats

by Deambarino Birman cats
Natural Remedies for Cats
I am a big believer in natural treatment of any disease in animals and people. Working with Homeopathy for over 30 years and colloidal silver for another 10 year has helped to avoid most of the time Antibiotics and other chemical treatments. I have gained extensive knowlegde about Chlorine dioxide since 2020 and implement that now to the cats treatment plan if necessary.

Most of the time I am using the following treatments for my cats but there are many other types of treatments included in the fields of complementary and alternative medicine.

I use specifically:

Homeopathy for cats
Colloidal Silver
Chlorine Dioxide
Artemisia Annua which is a Botanical medicine (herbal medicine)
Vital Mushrooms

Other types:

Botanical medicine (herbal medicine)
Acupuncture, acutherapy
Chiropractic manipulation
Nutraceutical therapy, supplements, vitamins, trace minerals
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
Flower essence therapy (Bach flower remedies)
Massage therapy
Magnetic therapy
Applied kinesiology (physiotherapy)
Bio-energetic therapy (Reiki, Tellington TTouch Therapy)